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      I am new to tinnitus and I was told by my doctor to wait 2 weeks and if it doesn't go away, they will refer me to an ENT.

      I have had Bruxism for a while and I can finally afford to go to the dentist, but after I made the appointment the tinnitus began and has continued for about 10 days.

      Does anyone else have tinnitus because they grind their teeth at night and does it subside when Bruxism is treated be a dentist?

      I have an appointment with the dentist in 2 days and I am very excited to find the cause!
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Yes there have been many posts in the past regarding grinding of teeth as one of the reasons given. It is often talked about along with TMJ which is a known cause of tinnitus. Do you find that you can change your T by moving or lowering your jaws? If Bruxism isn't the reason, there can be other factors at play.

      There are many causes, single or combined, which can trigger or aggravate tinnitus including but not limited to drug side-effects from ototoxic drugs, ear wax build-up, ear-wax removal suction, inner ear infection, Eustachian tube disorder or ETD, ear drum injury, fluid build-up in ears feeling pressured or fullness, sinus infection & congestion especially with a bad cold, TMJ, TTTS, autoimmune disorders such as Lyme Disease & Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure or blood circulation problem, anemia, loud noise exposure or acoustic trauma/shock, acoustic neuroma tumor, head injury or TBI, neck injury or muscle problems, hearing loss from aging or other causes, Meniere's Decease, barotrauma from rapid pressure changes in flights or diving, especially with congested nose or sinus causing failure to balance the pressure changes, slapping of the ears, deep grief, untreated sleep apnea, extreme/extended stress, anxiety & panic disorder, depression, sleep deprivation, etc.

      T can also be caused or made worse by unhealthy diet such as too much salt, sugar, caffeine, MSG, alcohol etc. or by lacking some mineral or vitamin supplements, such as Magnesium, Zinc, B12, D3 etc.

      If you don't find enough response to your question about Bruxism, then click the Forums tag above left, and type Bruxism in the search and you should get many prior discussions. Good luck. God bless.

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