No sleep for me

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Craig Forrester, Dec 18, 2013.

    1. Craig Forrester

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      I never knew it was a condition until tonight. I'm almost certain I've had it in some form my whole life. For as far as I can remember I've had a pulsing sound in my ears that I would describe as a slow motion "doo nuu"but that always came and went and can't say I've took notice of it much but always knew it existed.

      But tonight after moving a pot on my cooker which resulted in a high pitched metal on metal noise. I've had a constant ringing I would say in one ear and a solid noise in the other and it's not halted for about 10 hours. I went to bed 6 hours ago and am a light sleeper. So a constant ringing in my ear means no sleep for me.

      I can only hope this is down to me having recently picked up a bad cold and will shift with that.

      I'm going to call the docs in few hours try get my ears checked for any sign of infection as experienced a little ear ache.
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      Hi Craig, how did you get on at the doctors? also how is the ringing?

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