Noise Damage to Ears?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Luckyloci, Apr 7, 2016.

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      Hello! I was't sure exactly where to post this, so I hope that this is alright.

      I work as a security guard, and I was responding to some loud alarms (that I could hear from a building that was all the way across campus). I had those acoustic noise filters called "Dubs" in, but I dont think they may have saved my hearing, at such high decibles.

      I was gonna be fine, as I was only in there for less than 5-8 minutes and nothing gelt wrong at the time (before I found out from a worker that they were testing systems and hadn't told me about it- boy, was I not happy about that), but later my obnoxious roommate had a sudden, HUGE blast of music come from the garage before quickly turning it down. I was napping right on the couch before this happened- and it was LOUD.
      I instant had some numb feeling in my hearing, and began hearing a worse amount of hearing that I normally do. I generally do have constant rinkng in my ears that seemed to be a lot before, but that seems so little in comparison to how they've been ringing, as of now.

      I also got caught in the alarm for a single minute today, but I've kept plugs in, this time (real ear plugs- silicone moldables shoved in my ears, that says they reduce about 28-30 decibels).

      If I keep it quiet as I have been constantly doing, aside those few incidents- will I have the chunk of hearing that I'm missing right now come back (temporay hearing loss)? I had great hearing before all of this, and it's be a shame to lose over something so silly.

      I feel silly being so worried, but I'd be sad to lose that much of my hearing that I seem to be missing as of now.
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      I would see your doctor and might give you prednisalone for a week as can help in early days and get your hearing tested over the next few weeks if your hearing is still down.....only time will tell but stay positive .....lots of love glynis
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      See a doctor ASAP.

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