Noise Induced Tinnitus for 3+ Months: How I'm Surviving

Discussion in 'Support' started by jlish, Oct 12, 2019.

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      Hi all,

      I just want to post a few tips for people going through the same thing who may be struggling. These are just my opinions and what have helped me, and may or may not be doctor recommended. I have more or less found a way to carry on with my life.

      First off: I have normal tinnitus as well as what people call reactive tinnitus (officially recognized as a form of hyperacusis, I guess) I also have some sound distortions. I cannot simply use a fan to drown out the sound - because my tinnitus will raise and hiss over it, will make swooshing noises, or ring over it. It also beeps/buzzes along to some music and different things. This all came on after a few days of concerts/a wedding/loud music in which I also had a cold and was getting very little sleep. My ears were probably already weak from a lifetime of concerts, loud music using headphones, drumming in bands, etc.

      Also, I want to add that, I have gone through horrible emotional lows because of all of this. But after contemplating suicide, I realized that any day alive, spent doing things I love with people I love, is better than nothing. So sure, you might have to make sacrifices, but it can be worth it!

      Find a masking sound that works for you. Fans or white noise might work for you. White noise now sounds distorted to me, so I use noise machines with crickets/campfire sounds. Sounds ridiculous, but I have a few of them going in each room of my apartment, including bathroom. Now, I no longer have to hear my screaming tinnitus while home, because I hear crickets everywhere I go when home :) While this doesn't solve everywhere else, it is a good places to start. It has turned my home into an anxiety causing hell hole of hearing my tinnitus to a safe place where I can relax.

      Side sleepers: unless your tinnitus is at a level 10, you can sleep with your head on your pillow by putting your phone under your pillow. For weeks I didn't sleep because when I put my head on my pillow, I heard screaming tinnitus that caused anxiety. Download a tinnitus or white noise/fan app, and play a sound that works for you. Put it in your pillow case at night.

      Get custom ear-plugs made for loud-ish events that could make it worse. They fit in your ear and you can't even tell they're in. Sure, tinnitus is bad now, but it could get worse if you don't protect your ears.

      Get lots of sleep. Tinnitus sucks. Getting little sleep sucks. If you are well rested, you can mentally and emotionally deal with life (and your tinnitus) better.

      Live your life. If your tinnitus is extremely loud, you will have to habituate until there is a cure. If it is moderate like mine, you might be able to cover it up and get your mind off of it, and focus on doing what you love.

      Exercise. You should be doing this whether you have tinnitus or not. Exercising makes you feel good and makes your outlook on everything better.

      Keep a positive attitude and remember that it could be worse. We must be thankful for what we have. Can you walk, eat, talk? So many of us are so fortunate.

      I haven't figured it all out. For example, I don't go to church and I hate staff meetings at work, because of small moments of silence when there is not background noise. I may look into in-ear or behind-the-ear noise makers soon. (I have some hearing loss, but it isn't bad enough to need a hearing aid, according to two audiologists).

      If you have any suggestions for me based on what I've written, please comment or PM, as I'm still trying to figure it all out. Again, these are just tiny strategies that have helped me tremendously, so hopefully one of them can help someone else too.
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      My kind of post! Kudos to you, keep up the good work!
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