Noise-Induced Tinnitus Symptoms (Do You Have Them Too?)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mario martz, Sep 13, 2016.

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      Hey guys!
      i believe my tinnitus is noise induced...
      (a little background, ive been listening to loud music in my earbuds and attending rock concerts, loud pubs, punk gigs, and some of them where in front row or next to the speakers) i would experience tinnitus after the concerts and it went away the next morning.

      the day before my T onset, i was listening to loud music in my earbuds, next morning i woke up with my left ear feeling kinda plugged and with the noise... so i believe there must be a relation.

      My t is mostly a 2 out of ten, when it spikes it can be a total 8.
      it mostly spikes after eating salt, sugar, or MSG.

      have had mild hyperacusis but it comes and goes away.

      lately ive been having small episodes or ear ache, little twangs of pain or a little pressure than only last for a few seconds, i have had that similar pain after a flight, but this one only last for a few seconds.

      it kinda worries me, cause this symptom is similar to menieres but you never know right?

      my symptoms...

      -My tinnitus seems to be only in my left ear.
      -constant tone that it never seems to go away (it went super soft one day) that can only be heard when i cover my ears.
      -there is another sound that changes some times it sound like a tube tv, static or hissing sometimes i would rate it as a 1 or 2 out of 10, and sometimes (when it spikes) a total 8
      -both ears crack when swallowing
      -sometimes my t has changed ears, the right one all of the sudden gets block and a high pitched appears and then it goes away to the left ear.
      -i have had two mini episodes where my "hearing" went soft or "distant" or the ear blocked or something like that but then it returns back to normal in just a matter of seconds.
      -i believe my hearing is completely normal, despite of those episodes, i dont have any problem with hearing.
      and i believe both ears hears the same, i might have a littleeee trouble listening in "noisy" environments.
      but no apparent hearing lose.

      Ive had only had two episodes where i have felt a little dizzy our out of balance, but they just happend right after i woke up and move very fast (but i also had my blood pressure kinda high, so it might be related to blood pressure.

      what do you think?, also... do other "noise induced" t buddies have that ear ache/pressure too?

      thank you :)
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      normal. it can go into other ear later, that's normal too
      normal. many people's ears crack when swallow, without tinnitus too.
      sounds normal...
      a different kind of fleeting tinnitus
      why don't you have hearing test done?
      but even if hearing test results are perfect, you can have hidden hearing loss

      two episodes of anything can be considered nothing. if they recur more, then it's time to worry and go see a doctor
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    3. Mario martz

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      Thank you gotyoubynuts!!
      Right now what bothers me the must is the "ear ache" it very little but it comes and goes, it started last week, but my nose have been blocked too i dont know if there is a relation too, but again.. the slighty pain is only in bad ear.

      yeah i might get a hearing test soon, i didnt do it, cause i was pissed at first.
      right now i only think is kinda useless to get one.
      my hearing feels and seems perfect, i believe that my hearin loss is the "hidden" kind

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