Non Pulsatile Unilateral High Frequency Tinnitus for 3 Months / Vitamin B12 Low

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      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      I have gradually developed tinnitus, in my left ear, with below characteristics, over the last 3 months

      - Unilateral
      - Non pulsatile
      - High Frequency
      - Occasional discomfort/fullness in the ear (developed over the last month)
      - Worst in the morning while waking up
      - Occasional minor tingling/numbness sensation in fingers and a burning sensation on one particular spot on my hand (exactly same spot - comes and goes). These symptoms have been around for almost a year.
      - Occasional fluttering in my other ear only in the morning while waking up (started recently)
      - Developed T during a stressful period

      Results of various tests

      - Blood test indicates Vitamin B12 deficiency (extremely low of 118 pg/ML)
      - Audiometry normal (No hearing loss)
      - Consulted with 3 ENT specialists and all reported no issue after check-up
      - Eventually last week met a Neurologist who has ordered an MRI (even though he believes it will be normal) as part of protocol to rule out vascular reasons

      Therapy so far

      - Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalmin) injections - 6 shots over a period of two weeks, ending 27.11.17. No improvement so far


      - Did anyone else have similar symptoms?
      - How long does Vitamin B12 therapy take to show results ?
      - What could be the potential reason considering these symptoms?

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