Normal Audiogram — I Can't Hear Myself Speak

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ergu500, Jul 20, 2019.

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      So I actually had two different audiograms done on the same day I was told I have completely normal hearing.

      I was dearly hoping for hearing aids, because I have trouble hearing myself and others (particularly when I am in a noisy environment).

      My speech abilities have definitely taken a hit, I really can't tell where my mouth's at in the middle of saying a word and it bothers me to no end. I used to be able to communicate fluently and now I feel so awkward and insecure when speaking. Not to mention the pain I get in my ears from opening my own mouth sometimes.
      (I can increase the volume of my voice by cupping my ears, but that would not look appealing at all when speaking to people lol)

      I had hearing issues for a while without speech issues, but one day I got sick for a while and suddenly my speech control was shot.

      Has anyone else ever had to deal with this particular issue before? I don't have any hopes for restoration, I'm just open to any advice on how to handle this after having my hearing support dreams shattered.
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      The current methods to test for hearing loss (tonal audiometry) used by ENT's is useless. I'm sure you figured that out. Hearing test are not reliable at determining inner ear damage.
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