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      Hi Everyone, I am new to the group, I first notice This buzzing sound in my head Nov.1st, I had gotten a new Refrigerator two days prior, Came home on Halloween Eve. and said to myself"This refrigerator makes a lot of noise" called the company for weeks following, they came out looked at the refrigerator and supposedly fixed it..Make a long story short, I went to My Dr. and she said"I think you have Tinnitus..after Hearing test,ENT Specialist, My hearing seems to be in Normal range. He said"Want the good news or Bad News First" The bad news in you have Tinnitus there is no cure, It wont kill you, go home and learn to live with it, It is the most horriable condition I have ever had to live with. after three months I have notice four different sounds, the high pitch Hum is the worst, I find myself in tears when it last for days, second is a low hum which I can bare, the third is a Whizzing sound like I am sitting in the middle of a freeway with hundreds of cars whizzing by..last but not least is a heavy rain outside sound...I am not coping very well, I am depressed and Anxious People say forget about it, they must be kidding there is no way I can forget about it, I did by Portable CD player with Earplugs , I use it in my studio when I am doing my Art work, sleeping is okay because I take a medication that knocks me out for at least five hrs..I did go to the mental health clinic and had my first meeting with a therapist..all and all I need some help from you on how to handle this condition , any help from you is so welcomed, I dont know how I am going to live my life with this Tinnitus..Suffering in California
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      Hi, sorry to hear that you are feeling so down, I've had sudden hearing loss with T and H since December, yes it is the worst thing ever...BUT you will feel better and at some point your brain will phase out the noises, I was like you a couple of months ago, I came upon this site and lovely people gave me some good advice.
      I'm no expert as I'm a newbie, but I am coping a lot better than I was, my life is almost back to normal, the Drs and specialists all say the same, it just takes time, I'm sure others here will give you some tips on how to cope, there are lots of people suffering but usually it's the sad stories that you see most, look and read the success stories, you will see that you too will overcome this and become a strong happy person again!
      Sending hugs to you, xxxxxxx
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      Ear infection.
      @RONNE MARINO. The onset of tinnitus can be overwhelming for some. It was for me I'm not going to lie to you it is difficult to live with. But on the positive side it does get better to deal with as you get accustomed to the noise but it takes time the main problem with me was the depression as soon as I got my depression under control I could better handle my tinnitus. You will find ways of dealing with it every body is different what works for some won't work for others you have to find your own ways of dealing with tinnitus. Hope this helps.
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      not sure
      Welcome Ronne. You are never alone here as members here understand your challenge of tinnitus. We have been where you are. Don't panic and despair. People do get better over time. Try to read up their success stories. Most would suffer like you initially. But over time and given some good strategies, they get better. I had ultra high pitch dog whistle T that could be heard above the jet noise in the recent flights I took. I also had severe hyperacusis which soon came after T. It turned all normal sounds so loud, so piercingly hurtful to the senses.

      With so much suffering, I thought I would never get better nor survive these new and alien monsters of my life. But today I am living a normal and absolutely enjoyable life. So don't be disheartened by T. You will get better with time, especially you apply some strategies learned from others. Try read the success stories as many as you can. I include my story which I mention some helpful points/strategies that have helped turned my suffering around. Do you best to stay calm and be positive, as stress and anxiety are bad for T. Take good care & God bless.

      About masking, instead of using a CD player which is not as mobile and handy (I used that for my bedside masking), I used an ipod loaded with nature sounds and favorite music by using itune of Apple. Ipod is very light and handy to carry. Nowadays, you can also use a smart phone for portable masking. Here are also some nice masking options to consider. You may need to use PC & speakers for these:

      TT's audio player:

      or download free sound generator ‘aire freshener’:

      or make your own rain sound:

      or search youtube with words like 'tinnitus masking sounds', 'white noise', 'rain sound' etc.
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      2 weeks
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      Possibly ear infection or loud music
      Hi Ronnie,
      I am new to tinnitus and it has completely turned my world upside down. How is yours now? Have you got any better?

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