Not Coping with Reactive Tinnitus/Sound Sensitivity

Discussion in 'Support' started by felix100, Oct 14, 2021.

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      Hi Everyone.

      So, I was here 4 years ago... and now I find myself back again. I’m really beside myself at the moment and would appreciate any advice on the situation I now find myself in. I’ve been lurking for a couple of weeks, thank you to you all for posting, supporting and just being someone out there who ‘gets it.’

      A very brief history. Low drone tinnitus in left ear for 16 years. Not bothersome. 4 years ago, during a stressful period, this ramped up, bought friends along and bought with it some sound sensitivity/hyperacusis? All low rumbling sounds would make my ear ‘rattle’ over them. I found any moderate noise, particularly conversation very uncomfortable. I was off work for 7 months, but using pink noise generators supplied by the NHS tinnitus service, I got pretty much back to normal.

      My ‘normal’ has been maybe 5 different tones and noises in both ears which don’t affect me at all. The sensitivity has become apparent again at times, but with the use of earplugs on occasion and the noise generators it’s always gone back to normal within a couple of days.

      Fast forward to around a month ago...

      I had a cough... viral... and then...

      I noticed my ear starting to ‘rattle’ more loudly over the kettle boiling, traffic, the oven, fans, running water. Sounds seemed harsh, metallic, life was becoming tricky. Went back to the noise generators, took some decongestants. Started wearing a plug in my left ear fairly regularly. Didn’t seem to be easing.

      Joined the gym. Never been to the gym before. Noticed I couldn’t manage without an earplug in my left ear. For one week, did a lot of cardio in the gym. After each session, my ear would kick off with a crackling, rattling, Morse code. Worse, as I would walk around or move position a screech would start which wouldn’t stop until I stopped moving.

      From then things have gone from bad to worse. I was able to get rid of the noise completely by sleeping, then, as long as I plugged my left ear I could function normally until I sat down and relaxed later in the day. As soon as I relaxed the fluttering would start and get faster and faster until it was a Morse code beeping and the screech on top.

      I’m at a point now where this does not go. It’s often very quiet when I wake up, just a quiet fluttering, then I move my head and the movement starts the screech and everything ramping up.

      I have an ENT appointment next week.

      My doctor said both my eardrums are bulging? Gave me Amoxicillin.

      I don’t know what to think. The whole thing reacts to every sound. Voices, eating, breathing, general sounds around the house. I’ve taken my earplug out today for the first time for fear I have made everything over sensitive.

      The ‘screech’ I think is somatic. Even if I have 2 plugs in it screeches as I move, so not just a reaction to sound.

      If anyone can shed any light on this seemingly reactive tinnitus, I’d be more than grateful.

      Right now I’m terrified I’m stuck with this and can’t see a way forward. I literally can’t function as it screams over everything, and now even through an earplug. It’s like it’s ramped up it’s sensitivity.

      Thank you,
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      Probably noise exposure, but unknown.
      Hopefully your situation will get easier if this resolves. I’m not sure what others would recommend as far as ototoxicity goes, but sometimes you don’t have an option.
      It sounds like a case of dysacusis. I’ve got the morse code, rubbing the top of a whine glass wooooo reaction in response to sound. White noise such as my laptop fan, the washing machine / dryer and pink noise bring it out the most. My understanding is that it does go away for some people. It’s likely going to be a waiting game.
      Give it time and it may well subside. In order to give yourself the best chance of settling it’d be worthwhile looking after yourself - decent diet, sleep and moderate exercise. Focus on the those things that are within your control. I hope you get some relief soon.
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      COVID-19, ear infection, stress
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      Hearing distortions/dysacusis is a beast in itself, for sure. It is tiring to have no masking environment left and have your ears react to any sound. It is a lose/lose game:

      - In silence: tinnitus
      - In noise: another type of tinnitus/hearing distortion.

      It's most likely related to some form of hyperacusis, which should subside with time... When though? Well, that's the annoying part of it. I'm sure we would all live with our noise very well if it had a deadline. "OK, I've got tinnitus + hyperacusis + distortions, but it'll all go away in 6 months".

      The most exhausting part is not knowing when it is going to get better :)
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      @Sammy0225, welcome to the club. Are you new to tinnitus?

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