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      Funny... In 2011, after a flu, I've woken up with a terrible T. It was LOUD. I have voluntary eustachian tube movement - great for flying!! Never having full ears! -, and when I sneezed once, I '''accidentally' opened them... I've spent a week with a loud noise in one of my ears.

      The loud noise eventually completely subsidized, but THIS noise stayed. The noise of a quiet room, where you don't know if it is normal ambient sound, or something in your head, or something you always heard. Only way I could explain it was the low noise of old tube TVs, same noise that some hear when clenching jaws. You don't quite hear it, but feel it. Dig it on the net, found this forum, panicked, calmed, forced myself to forget it... Well, eventually this noise went away too... I mean, I don't know if I still could hear it, but I simply forgot about it to the point of remembering T as a thing from the past, while still feeling this noise sometimes. I even thought of writing here, that I've got ridden from that, but dem feels of just seeing the address... Not good. Now I see the importance of writing here back!!!

      Thing is, I've never endured loud sounds. Have been to nightclubs and concerts 4 times in my life. Now, past month I've been to the movies and remembered the movie was a little too loud... Came back home and went to sleep. Woke up the next day with this "sensation", and with my jaw very sore, but I am not convinced the loud sound was the reason (I am passing through a stressful moment in my life too). Also, not once I woke up in the past after sleeping in a awkward position with clear, loud, T in one of my ears. T would stay for like 30 long minutes, and would disappear completely, like those Ts everyone get eventually. But was that loud T, and I would know it was my neck position...

      But after waking up this day, with this new "sensation", not in the ear, but in the head, I immediately remembered those dreadful days and thought to myself...

      "Damn, got the T for real, or not, what the hell is this, is this sound at all?"

      However, it is not simply a white noise in one of your ears. It is something buzzing and pressuring inside your head. Also, never experienced ear fullness and I also don't have apparent hearing loss... Tube tvs and high frequencies annoy me a lot!! Neck and head pressure can modulate it, but clenching or yawning can make it real LOUD. Also, sometimes, I notice it is pulsating somehow.

      Thing is, the T I ''feel'' now seems completely different from that T which I could "hear". This one seems mild, yet sometimes don't. I have no idea how to explain it... Just that it annoys the hell out of me. Sounds like an imaginary high frequency drill in my imagination, but sometimes I fell it instead of listening to it. It is the exact sound it makes when clenching my jaw when a kid. Little brother hears it too, and doesn't have T apparently... Wife hears same noise I describe to her in a silent room, but clenching the jaw doesn't have any effect on her.

      Well, just hope I will ''habituate'' again, if I did that before... I consider it "not so mild anymore", but I feel miserable to be "bothered" by such a thing while there are people here who have chronic T here, and live a "normal" life.

      Worst fear of all is if it gets louder, as many here. I feel like I dread the future more than my actual T, IF this is T...

      Sorry for not having anything meaningful to add...
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      We might have similar t if i understand correctly, i feel my my t more than i hear it. I think that is much worse than the audible t i started with

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