Not so wacky Tinnitus treatments...1.

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      Neenie's post about wacky tinnitus treatments got my memory going about how many things I have tried over the years and years I have had this darn condition. If you see my history, it's been affecting my life for a long time - though the age 6 from a fire-cracker explosion does not count really, (though no doubt 'weakened' my left ear perhaps) as I adapted to that, as kids tend to do with most things. It was only after the 1980 damage (construction hammering), that it drove me nuts enough to seek treatments. LOTS of different things...and that was pre-internet "choice-city" if you know what I mean!

      Please note! At this stage I had "sound trauma induced tinnitus", not circulatory, TMJ, etc., etc. types.

      I cannot recall where I heard of all the things I tried back then, but I vividly recall one thing that did work immediately that was just miraculous.

      We lived out in the woods of southern Missouri (USA) at the time so the crickets and so forth through the warmer months helped mask the ringing. But this was winter and the nights were very quiet. Anyway, I took a big dose of Niacinamide capsules before I went to bed....which would have been about 7:00 pm as I worked the land and got to bed early.
      Well around 1:00 am I woke up for some reason and suddenly realized it was TOTALLY QUIET!!! I got all confused thinking the crickets or cicadas outside had stopped or something, then realized where I was. I was stunned. I had not heard silence for years. I jumped up and my wife woke up in a panic asking what was wrong.
      I was, running around our small bedroom just saying: "Incredible! Incredible! This is FANTASTIC!!!" and grinning like a Cheshire cat.
      "What?...What?" My wife thought I was losing it.
      "NO TINNITUS!!!" I yelled...Which was a very big deal for us as it affected/restricted her life almost as much as mine...You know, being careful about banging pots, etc. Me avoiding our first child when in a tantrum, etc.

      So, I was in heaven...Finally I settled down enough after a few hours to go back to sleep convinced it was cured...But it was not. Sorry (hey was I sorry!!!). The next morning there was a faint ringing again and I was a little disappointed, but just took some more Niacinamide with breakfast. And at supper. And before bed.
      But that was it...the ringing just slowly came back to full, usual volume after about two days.
      Golly was I bummed out. Of course I tried it again on a couple more occasions and it never worked again.

      Well, not exactly a wacky treatment, as it's a B vitamin derivative, etc. but it was a one time deal for me. No idea why. Wish it had not been. For sure though it was 100% genuine and I was 100% "quiet" inside. It was fantastic...maybe it is worth a try for some of you as at least it's cheap.

      So, I put: "Not so wacky Tinnitus treatments...1." on the header, as I don't have time to write up more right now. After 33 years of 'affects-my-life-directly-every-day' tinnitus, I do have a lot of stories to tell! So # 2 will have to wait.

      Best to all, Zimichael
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