Not Successful with Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Discussion in 'Support' started by Quentino, Jul 1, 2014.

    1. Quentino

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      Decrease of Hearing i presume.
      I am not deaf. I'm still in a normal hearing ( even if quite low). But i have some losses and T increase. And i see no success stories with T like mine.

      Feel down :(
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    2. powder

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      I think it's stress
    3. powder

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      I have high pitched sounds in my head
    4. billie48

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      not sure
      When I saw my ENT, he told me I have hearing loss in the high frequency. That probably causes my T to ring in ultra high pitch like dog whistle. It used to cause panic attacks all day for me. I once played a video clip of a sound matching myT to my family. Instantly everyone of them screamed, covered their ears and ran away as fast as they could. So I know my T is not something bearable by normal persons. At the start, I had nothing but immense suffering from both T & severe hyperacusis. I never thought I could habituate and write my success story. But I just did. I am living an absolutely enjoyable and productive life. So never say never. Give it time and be positive. You may want to try alternative treatment like TRT, CBT. Read up Dr. Nagler's 'Letter to a tinnitus sufferer'. It is a good article for any newer sufferer to read. Also try to read as many success stories as possible, both on here and on Yuku forum. Many people habituate to loud ringing. I am not unique at all. It is possible to habituate over time.
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      I have hearing loss (still in the normal range but quite low as well) and T. I feel the same way as you but just know that I have found many others with T and hearing loss that have adjusted to the hearing loss and they have mild to moderate hearing loss. The brain is amazing and will adjust. Unfortunately this takes time but try not to stress at the moment and take this day by day and know it will get better and I guarantee you that it will. Otherwise what else can you do? Let it ruin your life? Be happy your still in the normal range. People with worse hearing are happy day in and out. We will be too. Best of luck!
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      Noise induced
      Some people with hearing loss and T get helped by hearing aids. I know that my neighbour has pretty nasty hearing loss which makess his T very loud. He get great relief from hearing aids and is also habituated to his T so he can sometimes chose not to wear them because he thinks it's great to be able to not hear sometimes :p
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