Not Sure of Sound Level. Did Something Dumb. Damage??

Discussion in 'Support' started by MonstercatMusic, Mar 30, 2018.

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      So I forgot that I had my 16 dB reduction plugs in my pocket when I was waiting in line at a bar. The big speakers were only 6m or so from me with smaller speakers dotted round the whole place.

      It was loud enough that you had to raise your voice in someone's ear for them to hear you, but strangely, bearing in mind I have some hyperacusis, it wasn't painful and only quite uncomfortable when high pitch tunes occurred. After about 5mins I remembered I had my plugs and put them in. They only reduce noise by 16 dB in the low end and 21 dB in the high end, but it brought it down to a level that I'd find comfortable being around all day. Still moderate volume but very much enjoyable rather than panick inducing.

      I'm just wondering if the 5-8min wait + unsealing them every now and then to receive a raised voice in my ear would have been and unsafe levels. My tinnitus is the same as usual in my bad ear and almost unnoticeably louder in the ear that was facing the big speaker while waiting. Something I'm sure will reduce back to normal (if I even notice it do so).

      I guess with them in it was about 80 dB as above that becomes not enjoyable. So 80+21 is worse case is 101db when standing unprotected.

      Stupid me I know, the whole reason I got the plugs in the first place was due to being in a louder than that place for 3 hrs and regretting it.
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      Your post reminds me of the fact the we need our earplugs at the ready and that just 5 minutes without them is enough to be concerned. The fact that your ears survived it with any noticeable difference is a good sign that you dodged a bullet at least for a spike.
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      That's definitely too loud.
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