Not Sure What Brought My Tinnitus Back, But It's Never Been This Bad. Ideas?

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      Hello all, first post here, I'm a 38 year old male and I've had high pitched ringing tinnitus for many years now, as long as I can remember really, but last week something happened suddenly that made it much worse. It never really bothered me before except one time after a concert (which I've attended VERY rarely over the years), and one time after a dental cleaning that spent too much time cleaning the wisdom tooth next to my left ear. It's always the left ear that's worse even though I think I have T in both ears. But it eventually stopped bothering me in those cases. Anyway, here is what happened:

      I was at the mall on Sunday the 14th, and got a little dehydrated after a slightly indulgent meal at Panera (I'm also mildly diabetic). I then went to try out some new beds which had me up and down a lot, potentially placing my ear on dirty things because they didn't give me a "tissue". Then after I finally got a bottle of water, I made the mistake of trying a small sample of "Teavana" which tasted completely fake and sweetened (I try to avoid artificial anything in my food.) About 6 to 8 hours later that night, I noticed a slight fullness in my left ear and my tinnitus had increased in volume considerably in left ear only! Then over the next day or two, I developed a strange viral cold (probably picked up from the mall.) That has since passed but the T symptoms are still there! A few days after getting the T symptoms I thought maybe it was an earwax problem, so I tried Debrox in the bad ear followed by "Dr. Mehta's" ear wax remover spray. Which at one point made a brief very loud sound in my ear, but not painfully so. No improvement. Maybe a day or two after this, I also seemed to develop a faint woozy/dizzy sensation, along with stabs of light pain in a location deeper than and above the eardrum, mostly in the "bad" ear. The pains lasted 2 or 3 days but only happened in short bursts of 1 to 3 pulses and only about twice a day. But I did not get them before this started! Also I tried "Cordyceps" for a day thinking that would help but instead it seems to have changed the pitch the next day so I stopped. Like the next day, after some sharper ear twinges, I thought the T suddenly became higher pitch!

      I don't have any pressure of full feeling anymore, and that was only very brief... and I have no perceived hearing loss.... it's the T and slight wooziness from time to time.

      Oh and a few days after I got the "cold" symptoms, my wife got sick too with similar cold symptoms, and then SHE started saying she was getting weird sounds in her ears, a lot of dizziness, and maybe even light twinges of pain in the ear. But for her these things seem to have passed and now she's better except for developing a bad headache.

      Needless to say all of this led to some serious depression, the worst of my life! I had a serious fight with my wife and lost control completely, then had depersonalization/derealization symptoms almost like PTSD for a good 2 days. Those are better, but I am still trying desperately to fight off depression and negative emotions whenever I hear the T, especially later on in the evenings, during dinner, etc. My relationship is all better now, but the rest of me sure isn't!

      My sleep has gone haywire too because of this. Started getting nightsweats, headaches after dreams, and inability to sleep without waking up for more than 2 hours at a time. Last night when I didn't even take any melatonin or Unisom so as not to interfere with doctor's bloodwork, I literally only slept 2 hours all night! I am miserable. At points I was even contemplating suicide or what's the point of living like this, etc. but concern for family kept me well in check.

      The slight dizziness and the ringing all seem to get louder in the evening too, after about 5PM.

      So.... any ideas what might have caused all this? My goodness, I felt PERFECT and HAPPY just two weeks ago!! And now my life is turning upside down.

      Inner ear fluid imbalance due to dehydration and getting up and down a lot?
      Ototoxicity due to Teavana junk?
      Viral labyrinthitis infection that attacked the ear first before immediately becoming a cold?

      I'm just totally perplexed.

      I went to the doctor today and he was basically no help. He referred me to a psychiatrist for the depression (I've never seen one before) and an ENT for ringing, which I have not seen yet. He could not even give me an anti-viral medicine in case it was viral labyrinthitis claiming it wouldn't work?!

      The absolute worst part though are these additional faint "tones" that fade in and out randomly all the time! I don't remember having these before at all! Does anyone else have a superimposed slightly lower pitched tone that fades in and out frequently and randomly over their constant higher pitched T? What on earth is causing THAT?!

      Has anyone had a mild viral labyrinthitis with symptoms of T and wooziness that resolved itself??

      Should I get on anti-depressants? Could the ENT help at all?

      Thank you for taking the time to read and offering any advice!
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