Novartis Pauses Study of GenVec's Gene Therapy CFG166 (UPDATE May 2016: Trial Is Again Continuing)

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Yahzib Rafiq, Jan 12, 2016.

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      Any news on CFG-166? Estimated trial completion date was December 5th.
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      Still nothing on their website or the page...
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      Probably takes some time to officially report results, but this therapy was not at all on my radar so it’s nice to see that there’s another player in this game that (may be) close to reaching the market.
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      Not so good news. This trail is suspended again:

      Remember: CGF166 is delivered by a small surgical operation where the eardrum is temporarly shifted aside. Not a very attractive treatment but it is intended for people with profound hearing loss. Again little is known about the exact results achieved until now.
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      A few of my thoughts of the problems with this:

      This procedure uses a cochleostomy to insert the medication, which causes enough inflammation to be very destructive to hair cells, sometimes widely.

      There is a newer surgical method for delivery of AAV involving a canalostomy. This procedure is completely safe for the cochlea. It would be great if they could switch over to this method.

      Very severe to profound loss means you have little to no support cells left, which means there is no substrate for the drug to act on. The ones who benefited likely had less severe audiograms.

      I am willing to bet when they restart they will cap the thresholds around 70dB-80dB losses.
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