Off Balance, Can't Focus, Help!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mat V, Nov 26, 2016.

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      Loud music through ipod
      So i have tinnitus noise induced and I've had it for awhile. I think i have ETD because my ears are always plugged and i kind of get muffled hearing.

      I think i have tmj as well because whenever i walk or run my jaw/ear makes a clicking noise.

      But anyways lately it's been really hard to focus and i feel like im always off balance when i stand, can someone give any tips to get rid of this dizzy off balance feeling, i have an important dance i have to do tomorrow
    2. The Red Viper

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      March 15, 2016
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      Current Theory: Neck injury (Tendonitis @ trap/SCM junction)
      Yeah ENTs don't really know what causes ETD. All they can do is look in your ear to see if there is any fluid in your middle ear and use an endoscope to see if your adenoids are swollen. They can't actually look in and around the tube. So in your case, I'm guessing there's no fluid. It might be that your adenoids are swollen. If that's not the case, then the lining of the tube must be inflamed. That or the muscle that pulls open your tube isn't functioning properly. Usually muscles don't just get messed up like that so it's likely that the tube itself is inflamed.

      As to how to treat it, they say you can use decongestants and steroid nasal sprays. However, the problem with these is drug delivery. The substance needs to get into the tubes and there is no good way to do it at the moment. With the nasal spray you're supposed to aim it towards the back of the nose and then valsalva to get it in there. However I have tried this and it doesn't really work that well. Most of the stuff just stays in your nose. You can try it though. Ask your ENT doctor.
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    3. John G

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      Can even try steam. Bowl of hot water...put a towel over your head and breathe slowly. Can put different types of essential oils.

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