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Discussion in 'Support' started by Banana, Feb 10, 2014.

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      Hi folks!

      I have posted here a couple of weeks ago, when I first started suffering T and hyperacusis. Well, things have changed. My T wasn't that bad. It wer e the things inside my head that were much worse - in fact I was recently diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

      As far as the T goes it did improve over time, to almost unnoticeable volume. I got confident, went out to meet friends, I've been to the movies, than to the parties (with earplugs of course). I thought I got my life back on track back to the point I didn't think about T at all.. I didn't play any gigs (I used to DJ in my hometown, that was the reason I got the T&H duo) However I got TOO confident. I wen't to a club with my brother. It was a great drum and bass party, I wore my plugs.. but that wasn;t enough. I think I could damage my ear further. It feels.. *strange*. I don't know how to describe it. I have been paying attention to my hearing most of the day, not sure if the hyperacusis returned. And than I had a REALLY loud spike. It lasted only a couple of seconds. But it was there.

      I don't know if there really is something going on with the ears or is it my anxiety... I was planning to play live on stage soon. It is really a crushing experience to be unable to follow your passion :C I knew that it might have been too loud there, but I thougt "yeah, that's your anxiety speaking". Damn, I am angry at myself..
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      Aww!! Bless you Banana, it's so unfair that you have to pay the piper for trying to have and enjoy your life ... T is a F...ing Ba...rd of a thing!!! i hope it settles down for you soon, if i were you i wouldn't go anywhere near loud music at the moment, let your ears rest for a while, just my opinion ...

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