Oh God Please Help! I've Gotten 2 or 3 New Sounds

Discussion in 'Support' started by CarloZ, Nov 10, 2015.

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      September 3, 2015
      I've got reactive tinnitus 3 days ago on top of my regular tinnitus! It's bugging me so much. I'm hearing wind blowing and a dentist drill. I'm so scared. I was feeling really happy this last few weeks with my regular tinnitus and probably would've habituated in a month. But this RT is insane. I'm really scared. I stared crying again today. Haven't cried in weeks, because the tinnitus bugged less and less. Oh god how can I live like this dentist drill in my head? I'm only thankful that I hear it when I'm around sounds. Same with the wind blowing.
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      not known, too many possible causes
      I read you are in your first year of T. This is the most difficult year, especially the first months, when changes occur all the time.
      I suggest sound enrichment.
      I noticed that when I have the radio on in another room, not loud, it's like my ears don't have time to forget how to process correctly the sound, as they have homework all the time.
      Anyway, I do not recommend sitting in silence, you must find a sound you do not react to.
      At least that's my advice, maybe you get better ones from other members.

      Try not to be scared. The cvasipermanent sound that you don't react to will help you become friends and get used to sounds again.
      If T has a psychogenic component being scared will only make things worse. New frequencies can appear just from being scared.
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      I agree with Dana, first year is the most difficult. I have had reactive T since the acoustic trauma started last year in May and at the beginning it can get very annoying. Over time you will learn what makes your RT worse and what helps you drown it out. It will get better. try not to focus too much on it as this will increase your anxiety which then makes T worse and you will be stuck in a viscous cycle. I was in and out of this cycle for over a year. I have learned to manage it much better now. Best thing I did was accept it. If you want it gone or you ask why me? It just drags you down. What caused your T? Do you have any noticeable hearing loss?

      Sorry about your struggle but you will be strong to get over this. Go do fun things that you have been putting off. Do this with a friend.
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    4. billie48

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      not sure
      This new RT may mean you are developing some element of hyperacusis. Don't panic. That is quite common. I agree with Dana. The more we are scare of T, the worse it can get. To me your reaction is suggesting to the brain that T or its morphing is a big red threat, and with that your brain will zoom in on T's every move.

      Take it easy. Your T is so new. It is morphing as it goes, and developing some level of H is quite common for high pitched T. It is also very common for people to get freaked out by RT when it first appears, because it begins to put limits on what you can do. I used to withdraw from social events and hid myself in a quiet room. I panicked like you, not knowing what to do with a life time of RT. But the reactive aspect is usually due to some level of H, and for many, H just fades slowly over time. So don't get too stressed out by the new development. Treat this as a process, part of the total package of T which includes morphing during its young stage and some element of H. Try to grind out these bumps along the way without panicking, because anxiety and stress can not help but make T worse. Try your best to stay calm and positive. Take care & God bless.
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