Old Timer, Tinnitus Since 2001 — A Pinched Nerve in My C1 Made Things Worse in 2018

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      unknown/damaged vestibule
      New to forums in general, so forgive me. Tinnitus started in my left ear back in 2001. 6 months later the right ear chimed in - high-pitched ringing. At first they were not the same frequency, but another 6 months and they were both the same - frequency and loudness. I can't say I ever had the tinnitus tested for intensity, I just put up with it. It appears that mine is not nearly as bad as some of you. Tried a few oral and ear-drop type "cures", to no avail. I did have one doctor suggest that he could remove my ears, break loose the inner ear bones (his opinion of the cause) and re-attach my ears. That was my last visit...

      Frequency stays the same but volume goes up and down - not sure if that's true or if the noise around me increases and decreases masking it. Either way, it does affect my hearing. Hearing has been bad since the 1980s, and is gradually worsening with time - hearing aids do make the tinnitus seem less impacting.

      In 2018 a long-existing pinched nerve issue in my C1 likely resulted in permanent damage to my right vestibule. Very serious vertigo, worsening hearing in that ear. Every test known to man, 6 doctors and 2 physical therapists later - no one could find anything wrong, except the 3rd physical therapist. She and I approached the nerve problem, and no more vertigo. However, new tinnitus in right ear on top of the ringing - sounds like a distant wind storm or calm surf.

      I do realize how debilitating tinnitus can be - I have no solution. Mine is irritating, ever present, but I believe I would miss it (briefly) if it were gone. I have heard the same statement from people who have Tourette's syndrome.

      I sympathize with all of you reading this. All I can say is that as I get older, less of me works as well as it once did, I make adjustments to my life very grudgingly (fighting tooth and nail), but I do seek to find ways to cope and move on. The more I read about this disorder - the more I experience and put up with it - the more I realize that there really is very little help out there, other than each other.

      I wish you all peace of mind.
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