ONDAMED — LLLT — Endoplaser Therapy — 4 Case Studies of Tinnitus Improvement

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      I get regular emails from an ONDAMED practitioner, and the latest one I got was about 4 tinnitus case studies. The introduction to the email is below, and the fairly extensive description of those 4 case studies can be viewed at THIS LINK. -- I'm not familiar with a lot of what they describe, but thought I'd post it here for those who have an interest in light therapies, and/or vibrational therapies.

      I have no idea what Endoplaser Therapy is, and only a vague understanding of ONDAMED therapy. Sounds like a lot of different modalities were incorporated in treating the four people involved, so who's to say what exactly may have helped. But it does fall in with my philosophy that if we try tons of different things, and can find a handful that have a bit of an impact on our tinnitus, then all those efforts will end up being worthwhile. Here's the email introduction:

      January 22, 2020

      Dear Friends and Colleagues,

      I hope this email finds you and your loved ones well. This is round 27 of our invitation to share with us your “Top Question about ONDAMED”.

      You will remember that I recently published a piece on Tinnitus and invited you to share your experience of successfully using ONDAMED and other modalities on your patients suffering from Tinnitus symptoms. Thankfully, Sarah Elliott has replied with her detailed report on 4 cases suffering from Tinnitus primarily using ONDAMED, Low Level Light Therapy, Intravenous Endolaser Therapy, nutritional coaching as well as an introduction to meditative practices and stress reduction techniques.

      Sarah works at Jeffrey Szostek’s Clinic in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Sarah took a one-on-one Intensive Course with me at my practice in Germany 2 years ago, taking their use of ONDAMED seriously and wishing to learn as much as they possibly can. Jeffrey and Sarah realized the potential, which ONDAMED offers to their clinic and patients combined with other modalities.

      They are planning to add further ONDAMED devices to their clinic this year.

      Enjoy reading Sarah's report on patients suffering from Tinnitus:
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      Some sort of biofeedback therapy I guess. From https://www.ondamed.net/en :

      "The practitioner stimulates the patient's body with a hand-held applicator moving it along the patient's body while waiting for a Biofeedback response from the patient. This response helps identify stressed physiological areas which helps the patient's attentiveness to her/his body to potential weaknesses; such weaknesses may include areas of inflammation, infection, scars or cellular memory of unresolved shock and trauma. These areas often prove to be related to patients' symptoms."

      Vague is certainly correct.
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