One Ear Feels 'Full', Unlike the Other.

Discussion in 'Support' started by wishingluck, Feb 28, 2016.

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      not sure, but probably acoustic trauma
      I am still trying to understand if this is hyperacusis or something else. I've been better in past few days, but today the left ear feels as if it took a blow or something. As if I've been slapped hard or something. There's no pain (although there is discomfort) and the ear feels 'opened up'. But it's NOT more sensitive to noise.

      I usually hear a rumble along with a whine, but sometimes the rumble disappears for several days. The whine is always there. But the whine seems to come from the OTHER ear. The rumble feels in the center of my head.

      Any thoughts? Don't really know what I am asking here. Maybe some of you have similar or same 'symptoms' or whatever they are called?
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      do you have hearing loss?

      does it sound more muffled in the full ear? if so, go to ENT and get on roids.
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      When I was exposed to the noise that gave me T...My right ear felt full for awhile maybe a couple of weeks or so...but it was also sensitive to sound...both the fullness and sensitivity went away. ..but the ringing remained till this day.
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