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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by liselot, Mar 15, 2015.

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    1. liselot

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      The Netherlands
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      Still figuring out

      I'm Liselot and I've had tinnitus since I was 16 years old. At that time I think it was caused by an Eustachian disfunction. Over the years my tinnitus has become louder and louder.

      I've been to numerous doctors but was never taken seriously so I decided to search for the actual cause of my T myself. I found out that I grit my teeth at night so I ordered some magnesium pills to keep my muscles just that little bit more relaxed at night and I found out that helped! My tinnitus went in a few days from a constant annoying ringing to a somewhat softer hissing sound.

      I was so very excited!!!!! I found all of this out last week! It was going so great until the day before yesterday. I went to a square with a few festivities with some friends and I guessed there would be some music so I wantend to bring my plugs. But.. I forgot them! :(

      I seemed to handle everything well. Until we sat down to drink at an apr├Ęs-ski tent. About 10 meters next to us was a stage with big boxes and a band. But they were not supposed to play for another 4 hours so I assumed I was safe. And then they started to soundcheck... It was the most loud music I've heard in my life. I completely panicked and wanted to get out of there. But the stupid thing is I didn't. Everyone had just ordered something to drink and I decided to sit it out. They soundchecked for about an hour with little intervals so there was some music for 3 minutes and then silence for 10 minutes and so on. So they didn't play long, but it was so very loud. The kind of music that makes everything shake.

      I got home and there it was, the ringing, louder as ever. I panicked and I fell back in that black hole I think everyone here knows. I'm at a loss of what to do. I'm so scared I've damaged my ears more. I'm angry at myself for staying there even when I knew I couldn't handle it with my ears.

      What would you suggest I do? Wait it out. Let my ears rest? What's your opinion on the loud music? I've experienced loud music in the past. Before I got my plugs or knew about tinnitus. My last hearing test showed an extraordinary hearing with no damage from sound. Could this one time have ruined it? Giving me 2 causes of my tinnitus? I'm sorry, so many questions, but I don't know anyone else to ask.
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    2. Shaun

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      Cardiff wales
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      March 2014
      Hi lieslot,

      Welcome to forum,
      It's probably not the best idea to expose yourself to long periods of loud music but we got live I suppose.
      I'm sure it's just a spike and should return to baseline in a few days,just try not to panic and protect your ears.
      Maybe get some magnesium,NAC or multivitamins.
      I take bioflavonoids which seems to make t seem less intrusive on the bad days.
      Less us know how you get on
      Take care
    3. SusanGee

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      Ear infection
      Hi Shaun. Where do u buy bioflavonoids please? Is it only online ? Also what are NAC's. ?
      Susan x
    4. Shaun

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      Cardiff wales
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      March 2014
      Hi Susan
      Nac is short for n-acetyl-cysteine
      And I use natures life bioflavonoids
      With hesperidin and rutin
      Both available on amazon,and both around ten pounds,think nac might a bit cheaper depending on which brand you buy. x

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