One Success Story and Two Habituations for Noise Induced Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Sevv, Apr 18, 2019.

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      Hello everyone

      I phoned a friend today when I was feeling a bit down. Not because of my tinnitus, more because I felt lonely... Thought I'd share the success stories he told me.

      I talked with him having acquired noise induced tinnitus a week ago (yes sure, chances are good that it will just fade) and then he said, that he has tinnitus since forever, but doesn't hear it anymore (fully habituated). He's been playing drums since childhood/teens and has always had very bad hearing on his left ear, but he's leading a perfectly normal life and still plays in a band. Though he still always keeps hearing protection with him and has sensitive hearing.

      He also told me about his father who had noise induced tinnitus for a couple months after playing at a brass concert. Was pretty bad at the beginning but then just kept getting better. According to him, it's gone now.

      He also said that he has an uncle who has the absolutely worst tinnitus, a 10/10 jackhammer for over twenty years, who is seemingly leading a happy life. His tinnitus came with a gunshot going off in the military next to his ear without hearing protection.
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