Online Study on Prediction in an Acoustic Illusion: Young Participants with Tinnitus Needed!

Discussion in 'Research News' started by flkon, Sep 3, 2021.

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      Dear Tinnitus Talk community,

      We, Salzburg Brain Dynamics Lab, are running a set of behavioral and MEG experiments to study the predictive brain in tinnitus. To that end, we are investigating acoustic illusions, in this case the so-called auditory continuity illusion. We would be grateful if some of the members here could help us out by completing the online experiment linked in the following. The experiment is quite entertaining, rather short (about 20 minutes) and you can win Amazon gift vouchers. We are looking for young participants in their 20ies with ideally no hearing loss.

      See the study teaser and the link to the experiment below.

      Many thanks!

      Patrick (on behalf of the Salzburg Brain Dynamics Lab)

      • 25 x €20 EUR Amazon vouchers to win!
      • We are looking for people with tinnitus to participate in our study!
      • All you have to do is to participate in our 20 minutes long online experiment about the perception of an auditory illusion!
      • All you need is a PC (no smartphones or tablets) with a web browser, preferably Chrome or Firefox, and headphones.
      • To participate in the lottery, it is important to type in your email address during the online experiment.
      • Please make sure that you follow the instructions carefully: Most importantly, have your volume turned up maximally and make sure that no other applications or notifications may produce any sounds.
      • Thanks for your participation!
      Link to experiment:

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      MP3, Stress, TMJ
      May I ask how many people participated in this survey?
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      Medication - antidepressants
      Might not want to do that...
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      Hello there, I just took the test as I got particularly interested in the topic. I have two tones, a faint, constant ring and one that you could call typewriter tinnitus.

      I've been noticing for a while that sometimes in the presence of white noise (it just happened in the shower) I start to hear fluctuating tones as if I was misinterpreting the white noise itself. It is really similar to my tinnitus, not the tone itself but the random oscillating behavior. I don't know if there is any strong relationship between this phenomena and what you are studying, but it really got me thinking.

      By some weird coincidence, I was reading this article earlier today, that also seems related in some way:

      White Noise Background Improves Tone Discrimination by Suppressing Cortical Tuning Curves
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      Acoustic trauma - Repeated gun blasts
      35... no hearing loss but bad tinnitus in right ear from acoustic trauma. Ruled out!

      Good luck with your study!
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