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      Dear Dr. Nagler:

      You noted in one post the following in regards to obstacles to habituation:

      If identifying and directly addressing your external barriers to habituation does not get you where you need to go, then in my opinion you should seriously consider indirectly addressing your internal barriers to habituation, those limbic and autonomic factors over which you have no direct control, through the use of TRT or other habituation-based protocols.

      As I do not have easy access to a TRT professional, could you please explain what the other habituation-based protocols might be?

      Thank you
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      Well, I'm not sure where in BC you live, but Glynnis Tidball in Vancouver is quite knowledgeable about TRT - so if you can get an appointment with her, that would certainly be an option to consider. As far as "other habituation-based protocols" are concerned, in writing that piece I was mostly thinking in terms of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or variations thereof.

      Hope this helps.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler

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