Pain Relief Salve in Ear Actually Helps Reduce the Ear Pain! Wow!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Hyper Tintin, Jul 1, 2021.

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      Who would have thought. I wish I'd tried this 6 years ago. I don't know if it's safe though, but damn it feels nice!

      What I do is use a pain relieving salve, put the tube against my ear and press until I feel it has fills the circumference of the ear canal and sound gets a bit muted. Then I take a Topz, cover its top in plastic wrapping (otherwise the cotton will absorb all the salve and you won't get as good of an effect I've noticed), and push it in as far as I can until I feel the same pain as the sounds make me feel, then I gently roll it around in all angles so I get all the painful spots covered.

      It takes an hour or two to have effect.

      Sometimes your ear might clog up with earwax and dried up salve (not always), so it's good to have some kind of ear cleaning liquid that gets rid of the gook. Then you're ready to go again.

      Could someone try it as well so this can be confirmed? I really hope it's just not a placebo or just me... Please let this work for anyone who needs relief from this pain.


      P.S. The candle is just to represent the sensation of calm when the ears no longer hurts. :)

      P.P.S. I also improved a lot of my ear pain by taking LSD, see my post here. Although the effect has worn off some at this point.
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