Painful Pins/Needle Type of Reaction at Times to Emotion, Heat or Stress?

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      I've gone through a lot of stuff online, from heat hives to cholinergic urticaria, and I'm assuming I have it or something similar, but I don't know what to do about it. I got it around 19, and still have it 10 years later. I thought with time it would go away, it didn't. Made life miserable. Dealing with tinnitus/hyperacusis was bad enough, this was almost as horrible especially socially.

      The PAIN associated with these pins and needs is the worst. It starts to creep up and goes all over my head/scalp, into my back and shoulders. I also have mild rosacea and flush easily, and hands/feet (especially feet) get red easy. Just from standing they will start to get red and even hurt a bit. So I know there's a blood vessel related thing going on, but not sure if there's any correlation.

      The weird things is, it's random and doesn't ALWAYS occur from a so-called trigger. But its frequent enough to be a problem. It seems the more inactive I am, the worse it gets. Which I've noticed since COVID-19. If it's warm, it will start to creep up on me, especially if I get frustrated. Exercise, it does it. Warm/Hot shower, will do it. Even little bit of bending over and light moving of things in a warm environment will trigger it. Typically once it starts, it will stay for anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes before going away. Once away, if I'm still being active in some way it doesn't re-occur until I finally cool off and relax, then repeat sometime later in the future. If I'm in a relatively cool environment, just typing away or walking around, no problem.

      Does anyone have something similar, or know much about this? Is there anything naturally to take to help. I've seen some recommend antihistamines but I tried some many years back (briefly) and didn't see progress but concerned to take long term for tinnitus reasons (as I read it inhibits the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is important and found everywhere, including the inner ear).

      It's so hard to find any real treatment protocols for this, or even what it really is. Some have suggested you have to every day get it out of your system by an intense workout, that it has to do with sweating and once you do, you will get relief for awhile. This seems like a miserably thing to adhere to for a fix, and one I would of happily done 5-10 years ago when I could swim laps and felt mentally better. But I've been hit with a lot of other things, and really depressed and it's hard to even think about being active, especially when pain is going to happen.

      Thanks for any insight any of you can give.

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