Patients with Tinnitus Use More Primary Healthcare Compared to People without Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Research News' started by David S, Sep 2, 2021.

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      Here is the link. I did not even have the energy to read it.

      Nature: Patients with tinnitus use more primary healthcare compared to people without tinnitus

      I find it hard to understand the point of this study. It just adds to the stigma that tinnitus is a psychological problem. It is NOT only a psychological problem, but we have to live with it because only psychological treatments are available.

      Do the same study with overweight people with diabetes or chronic pain and you would get the same result...
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      Hmm I wonder why I’m depressed and anxious. Maybe it’s because I have a high pitched ringing in my head that never stops. I don’t know, that could be the reason, but let’s do some more research about it because we have no clue why people would be bothered by a 24/7 sound that never goes away. It’s also quite simple the people who aren’t bothered by it, “the ringing” is not as loud or as invasive. My ringing feels like it has an electric quality to it sometimes.
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      So stupid...
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      tmj music
      People in academia wonder why we don't take a lot of their work seriously - answer they come up with silly stuff like this which has no benefit or rationale behind it.
    5. Pharz

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      Exposure to loud noise
      What’s the point of this study? Maybe something for the insurance companies to increase the premium for the ones with tinnitus. It’s even published in NATURE! That’s so stupid.
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      1993, increase in 2020, then new in 2021
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      Maybe during a soundcheck – sudden sound from speaker
      Exactly this!

      I used to have two sounds that didn't bother me too much during the day, but then I got a new high-pitched one, sometimes oscillating, that is bothersome large parts of my time awake.

      Really tired of the approach some seem to have that tinnitus is tinnitus and that there's no variations to it when it actually can be vastly different.
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      noise? infection? negative stress? other?
      Hope this isn't too far off topic. Yesterday the hells angles were heading by my room to their AGM. Boy my poor ears are still screaming from the revving. Today I stumble on a very persuasive report by David Baguley from the British tinnitus crowd advising against the use of hearing protetctors/ear-plugs.
      Where or how is one to draw the line?

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