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I'm a certified moron! 12 days ago I ended up in a loud venue. Didn't have my earplugs. Left early (so I thought). Things are worse. :( May 9, 2024

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May 17, 2024 at 2:18 PM
    1. star-affinity
      I'm a certified moron! 12 days ago I ended up in a loud venue. Didn't have my earplugs. Left early (so I thought). Things are worse. :(
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      3. kingsfan
        Yea I was beginning to come to terms with my T and went to an audiologist for an extended audiogram, only out of curiosity. Well they gave a slew of other tests that made everything much worse.
        May 13, 2024 at 4:13 PM
      4. star-affinity
        That is crazy! Some have recommended that I don’t do a hearing test either. That it could possibly make things work. I was thinking maybe at least wait until (if…) the hyperacusis gets better. For me it really is the H that’s the worst. The T is annoying, but at lest let me use my ears without problems.
        May 14, 2024 at 1:05 AM
      5. kingsfan
        I wonder if I might have a little hyperacusis as well. My T seems more than just a sound. It spikes easy and almost feels like it's scraping my brain. I constantly have the full ear feeling and TTTS. When I spike constantly I feel way more sensitive to sound. Sounds always feel harsh and overwhelming, especially when high-pitch.
        May 14, 2024 at 3:36 PM
    2. star-affinity
      Really annoying that the tinnitus makes it hard to know if one is getting sick or if it's just a variation/worsening of the baseline. :(
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    3. star-affinity
      Feel like shite. Damn permanent and constant conditions!
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    4. star-affinity
      The only thing that can be worse than this must be chronic pain. Now I managed to get myself lower back pain that won't go. Thanks life. :(
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      2. makeyourownluck
        I’d get stocked up on tramadol, pregablin and diazepam. Numb the senses and reduce anxiety. That’s what I’m doing. Hopefully it passes
        Feb 17, 2023
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      3. star-affinity
        Thanks for the suggestion! The back pain is since May last year, so not really new. Did a stupid (unnecessary) lift while I was depressed because of my tinnitus and hadn't exercised in two weeks. It has gotten better in periods, but now it's here again when I'm doing a program that's supposed to help and instead ”wakes” the pain. :(
        Feb 18, 2023
      4. sakrt
        I understand @star-affinity
        My T/H, cochlea injury from CI is slowly adding chronic pain, PTSD, deteriorating my overall health, alike Ruben Ruiz had posted, RIP.
        Feb 19, 2023
    5. star-affinity
      Fuck tinnitus!!! Noooooooo it can't be true but it is!!!! (Sorry, at times I'm close to loosing it… Daily in fact.)
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      3. seppl
        Mine is in my right ear. Started 6 days after neckadjustment by a chiropractor (13. Dec.) I also had anxiety about my normal T before that. Was habituated for 8 years. But in Nov. i was getting obsessed and depressed about my normal T again. Therefore it became louder.
        Jan 3, 2023
      4. seppl
        This new carengine-sound is maybe from stress or from the neckadjustment. It is often intermitted or quiet, loudest and most constant at midnight. Louder when my head is up, quieter when my head looks down. Feeling something is working in my ear (vibration or spasm). For me this cannot be normal T.
        Jan 3, 2023
      5. star-affinity
        Scary that you got that from a neck adjustment, seppl. I am sorry. :(
        Feb 18, 2023
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    Tinnitus Since:
    1993, increase in 2020, then new in 2021
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    Unsure about the first. Too many beers? Music during sleep.