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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by roloph, Aug 2, 2015.

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      Startend werking with pc's in 1988. Olivetti machines were noisy, as were most early pc's. Daily average of sitting 10 Hours behind slow pc. Cooler fan produced constant loud noise. After 2 years tinnitus slowly and treacherously developed. Sounds like i am in a wood sawing Mill.
      But doesn't affect me psychologically however.
      Recent years i experience a full feeling in middel ear. Which makes my tinnitus feel much worse.

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      1/2007 & 8/2013
      Interesting. I was writing up my PhD. when mine first started. I blamed it on acoustic trauma and stress, as I'd been to a loud gig a few weeks before. But I was working on a pc an awful lot at the time and remember the fan noise bothering me a bit (just the persistence of it). Maybe the fan noise did play a role for me too. Probably never know for sure though.

      Subsequently I built a very quiet pc with only one 14cm Noctua fan for the whole system, and that was a lot less annoying.

      Anyway, welcome to TT, and I'm glad to hear the t doesn't bother you psychologically.

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