Perilymph Fistula: Any Bed Rest Success Stories?

Discussion in 'Support' started by casadecolinas, Jun 23, 2016.

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      SNHL? Early Meniere's? Perilymph fistula?

      Is there anyone on the forum who has had practical experience with conservative management (bed rest) for perilymph fistulas?

      The resources I can find on this are variable. Most say "strict bedrest", and the recommended range is as low as 3 days, and up to about 8 weeks! Most reputable sources do say 5-10 days.

      If you have had practical experience with this, or had specific advice from an ENT, my questions are:
      1. How strict is "strict"? (ie: can you still walk around gently, etc.)
      2. For what length of time was your bed rest recommended?
      3. If you noticed improvement, how quickly was this noted?

      The only posting I can find on the web with someone who seems to have had practical experience with this is here:

      Thank you!

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