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Discussion in 'Support' started by ScottinDubai, Mar 29, 2014.

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      I've had T and "disequalibrium"/lightheadedness for nearly 2 years. I've seen many neuros, ENTs, had MRIs and loads of tests. VERY minor hearing loss in one ear, no other issues. C5/C6 on the spine not great but not pressing on spine. Doctors are at a loss. My T. sounds like cicada bugs in the trees or whining.

      I took 2 months worth of HUMIRA but stopped it a full month before the T and disequalibrium started. There are many scary posts online that blame HUMIRA for a load of neurological issues. The doctors I've seen have no idea whether Humira can cause problems or not. I'm not on any other meds (though occassionally was on methotrexate, low dose).

      I'm going through all the posts here, writing stuff down. It's been very helpful as far as providing new directions for me to explore. I'm very interested in the link between T and shoulder/neck issues (though as I stated, my only spine problems are C5/C6 and nothing is pressing on the spine). I have no neck/shoulder pain now though I did have frozen shoulder start up about 6 months after the T and disequilbrium started.

      I'd deeply appreciate any thoughts on the possibility of a drug like HUMIRA ( a biologic, goes into the bloodstream) can affect T. I'd like to take it again (for another condition) but am worried that it was the cause of the T.

      Does anyone know in what percentage of the cases of T hearing loss is the cause?

      Thanks for any info/ advice.
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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids

      Fancy you should post this; I have the same suspicions about my T (somatic T, caused by degenerated discs in my upper cervical -- C 5/6/7 have very little cartilage between them) . Sometimes I do get a pain in the left part of my neck that extends down to my shoulder, but not so much anymore. Chiropractic seems to help (though I haven't been in a while).

      I keep 'threatening' to go to the Nebraska Spine Center (I live in Omaha, NE) just to explore the issue; however, I don't want to spend a lot of money for the 'we can't do anything for you' answer. Furthermore, if they say they can do something but it involves cutting into my spine I probably wouldn't be willing.

      I found a website that had some interesting info: Number 8 (Muscle Spasm) seemed to resonate with my situation (and it sounds like maybe yours too); might be some good info for you.

      I was taking a lot of Ibuprofen for a year prior to the onset of my T; I cannot determine if that had something to do with it (NSAIDs are related to T, but it is a very low 2 to 3 percentile). I continued to take Ibuprofen for a year after the onset of my T (I didn't know it was related to T until recently).

      I struggle with osteoarthritis, so I've been taking celebrex for the past month. I also noticed that I struggled a little bit more with my T (which is a bummer because celebrex is a magic pill for my osteo). So, I decided to experiment by cutting out all NSAIDs for a few weeks to see what happens. I stopped taking it a few days ago.

      So, I guess I may know in about two and a half weeks; I'll let you know then.

      As far as the percentage of hearing loss causing T, I've heard (and read) a fairly consistent 80%. I have hearing loss (especially in my left ear); my T is in my left ear and the pitch is in the range of my hearing loss (very high pitched). However, if that web site is true; then it could be a combination of muscle spasm in my neck and my hearing loss not able to process the resultant internal noise. I don't know, I'm no doc; just postulating.

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      HI Mark, thanks for the reply! I, too, live in Omaha. I see you're in Papillion, not far from me. I hadn't heard about the spine center but might go there with all the X-rays and MRI's I had while in Dubai. At this point, it seems to me that my T is caused by either hearing loss, humira, or hunched shoulders, head down position (which I've done for years every day). I think that somehow the frozen shoulder I had last year (it's still thawing out) is connected but not sure.
      Good luck with the current experiment: It'll be interesting to see if the cessation of NSAIDS helps. I feel for you; my wife was on celebrex (can't handle it though) and has osteoarthritis.
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