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Discussion in 'Support' started by Digga, Aug 22, 2015.

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      one day about 18months ago I was out with friends. They decided to turn the volume up on a song which was extremely loud, the beat was bringing pain to both my ears. I sat there and thought 'I need to tell them to turn this down or I'll regret it for a while' (didn't think it would be this long)

      however for some reason I never did because I didn't want to be seen as a person who spoils fun. After about 5 minutes I asked them and it was turned down without any problem ( a problem I thought I would create by asking in the first place) From the moment I returned home I regretted what had just happened blaming myself for the fact that It was as simple as asking for the volume to be put down. How can I deal with it? sometimes the T is not the problem but the fact it could of been avoided so simply and I knew that tinnitus would be the likely outcome (albeit temporary).

      I can count 2 times where the noise went completely for several hours no more than a day. Why is this?

      It's now screaming at me, I was told it can still go even after this time (18 months)? Is this true, will I wake up one day and it has gone?

      Can Noise induced tinnitus be caused without actually harming hearing? because I went to a hearing test and they told me my hearing was normal for a 21 year old.

      It's hard to hear something quieter than the sound I can hear in my head so if a quiet noise happens I know it's there but the buzzing is masking it somewhat.

      Thank you for reading I tried to explain the best I can :)
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      I certainly hope that it could go away even after eighteen months. If you were told this by a professional then hopefully it's true. They are meant to know. As for your question about noise induced T without damaging your hearing. I do not know but I know you can have T without hearing loss.

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