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Discussion in 'Support' started by Neil991, Dec 16, 2014.

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      Hello friends,

      I am determined to find the root cause and eliminate my ringing and I need your help. I am going to give an outlay of how my T started. Please see the clues that I have and pls try and give some inputs from your own experiences and suggest me the way forward.

      1- I suffered neck and head trauma by accidentally falling backwards in our swimming pool. (A lot of things went haywire post this)
      2- My neck and chest muscles almost froze for a week and I was bed ridden. Couldnt move.
      3- I couldnt sneeze for a good 3 months (although the muscles have fully healed now and I can sneeze now normally). Weird, but this was a problematic thing for me. This thing is sorted. (Apparently when your chest muscles tighten up too much, it doesnt allow a sneeze).
      4- Due to the extreme stress of work and and inabilty to sneeze, I developed high BP . (The stress of work has been totally eliminated permanently. Have shifted to a calmer job with zero stress). Thankfully, the BP has gone down back to normal levels naturally without medication.
      5- My T started in my sleep during the stress and high bp period. Although the stress is gone completely along with BP....the ringing remains.
      6- Briefly for a few days, I also had clicking sounds from my jaw. Which also for now seems to have gone since a week or more. Maybe TMJ? (Should I get an x-ray?).
      7- This one is bit weird....whenever I look into bright lights, I can often see a small spot which then disappears. I can only see the spot in bright lights and not normally. I have not done a brain scan since the ENT said there is not any need to worry about this matter and nor does he think I need a scan.
      8- I have travelled extensively over the last 3-4 years. Heavy air travel. Can this be an issue?
      9- Since I got T...... I suddenly have the ability to 'POP' my ears whenever I want by some jaw movements. I never had this ability earlier. Is this a clue?
      10- Also, I am an avid swimmer....water in the ears?
      11- Lastly, I had a huge amount of wax in my right ear which the ENT removed. Could this also have started it?.....its been 3 months since the wax has been removed...but T remains.

      I am learning to live with my ringing....but somehow I think my T is event related. All starting from the chain event of falling in the fall awkwardly and getting a blow to the neck.

      Almost every other problem since the fall has gone away except the T.

      What should I do now?.....learn to live with it?....or explore some avenues? Im confused since I have so many possible clues and no experience on how to interpret them.

      *I have done audio and hearing seems my hearing is absolutely fine. One thing I know is that my T isnt because of hearing loss.

      Warm regards
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      Wow, that's a lot of questions but unfortunately none of them have a definitive answer. The tinnitus was most likely brought on by the blow to the head however stress, HBP, ear wax and many other things have been known to cause it.

      The pop and click noises are also a part of the tinnitus. I also experience these at times but they come and go and are not so much of a problem.

      There is not really anything you should be doing. Many cases of tinnitus will resolve over time while others will remain. There is rarely anything that a person can do to rid themselves of the tinnitus. It's just a case of sit and wait. It may resolve, it may not. Try to accept it as it is while hoping for the best. Sorry I can't give you a more definitive answer.
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      noise injury
      Ear wax induced tinnitus almost always if not always goes away within a month or so after the ear wax is removed.

      This would explain your tinnitus if it was caused by neck problems, correcting the issue may help. It's ashame no one on the forum bothers doing any homework and this question went 3.5 years without response tinnitus.html

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