Poll: Do You Think This Is True: Most People That Have Tinnitus Are Not Depressed About It

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Jul 24, 2018.


Do you think this is true: Most people that have tinnitus are not depressed about it

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      I want to know what other people believe because according to what I read, most people are not depressed by tinnitus. In my own circumstances, I have met quite a few people with tinnitus and they are not depressed by it. I have never met someone else in person who was depressed by it.

      Part of my problem is I had depression issues before this...I think for many it is really easy to "get it off their mind" when they think of it. They have no anxiety or depressive feelings when they think about it so their mind tunes it out. They do not consider it a threat. It produces no fight or flight symptoms in them. It's kind of like a refrigerator hum or a fan people tune out.

      For those that are initially distressed by it, many of them eventually habituate.

      I have had these thoughts and feelings before with medication but it always came with unfortunate side effects. The question is, if we are still extremely bothered by tinnitus after a certain length of time, is the biggest problem really depression and not the tinnitus?

      Please feel free to say what you think about this.

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