Poll: Does Type of Tinnitus Tone Matter?

Discussion in 'Support' started by RingerBell, Jun 10, 2018.


Does type of tinnitus tone matter?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. In the long run, no

  4. I don't know

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    1. RingerBell

      RingerBell Member Benefactor

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      Hiss, beep, dentist drill, morse code, cicadas, lawnmower, etc...

      Do you think the type of the tinnitus sound matters, if we think how easy or hard it is to habituate? (Assuming perceived loudness is the same for all).
    2. threefirefour
      Peeping tom

      threefirefour Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

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      140dB B R U H moment
      Tone is important, but it's a pile of beans compared to volume.
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    3. Tinniger

      Tinniger Member Benefactor

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      Uncertain, now very somatic, started with noise?
      I suspect that discontinuous noises are more problematic.
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    4. terryzx

      terryzx Member

      Cincinnati, Ohio
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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      broken eardrum and vertical nystagmus
      Mine used to be intermittent but now has started being constant and louder. A high pitch whine that makes me want to scream!
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    5. AVas

      AVas Member

      It does matter - low frequency tinnitus , e.g. 300Hz, is much easier to mask and not noticeable when outside, low wind masks it completely. High frequency, e.g. 1700hz, even at lower volumes, is much harder to mask given sounds at that frequency out in the nature/cities is quite rare. Obviously volume plays a huge role.

      All of the mentioned sounds like drills, cicadas etc. are just combinations of different frequencies. So if individual frequencies can be masked, e.g. with wind, then the combo can also be masked, e.g. drill.

      Just from my experience.

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