Poll: What Happens When You Eat Spicy Foods?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sgguy46, Jul 29, 2016.


What Happens When You Eat Spicy Foods?

  1. Tinnitus Gets Worse

  2. Tinnitus Gets Better

  3. No Change

  4. Sometimes Better, Sometimes Worse

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    1. Sgguy46

      Sgguy46 Member

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      mine seems to get worse. what happens to yours?
    2. Tom Cnyc

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      Warehouse event after years of enjoying music.
      I find it highly illogical that the vast majority of food has even a remote ability to immediately affect your tinnitus. I'm sure even Leonard Nimoy would agree with me here. ;).

      I can understand how long term avoidance of foods that create inflammation over time can help just like poor diet can contribute - but the immediate impact on the actual severity of symptoms seems highly unlikely. Even drugs used to suppress symptoms like SSRIs take weeks before it works.

      There is only one thing that has consistently created an issue for me, and that is caffeine. Truth be told it doesn't change my symptoms at all. It just makes it more difficult for me to control my anxiety when my symptoms flare up. This is consistent with the use of benzos to control the anxiety response in the opposite direction as opposed to the symptoms.

      As someone with intermittent tinnitus (I have days with zero symptoms) I can say that stuff that makes it subjectively worse on bad days has no effect on good days; it's an anxiety response.

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