Possible ETD? Ringing Ears, Clicking Noise When I Swallow / Yawn, Pressure in Head / Ears & More

Discussion in 'Support' started by Masterchief117, May 27, 2021.

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      Hi guys and girls. My first post here, but I've been following this forum for a while.

      I am unsure if what I have is ETD (Eustachian Tube Dysfunction).

      I suffer from sinus problems. In January, after using my ANC headphones for not more than 2 hours a day, I noticed ringing in my ears was louder than it ever was (I've had a very low ringing since '14, it started after I was wearing earplugs to bed).

      I went to the hospital to have it checked out. First ENT I saw shoved a camera up my nose; said my sinuses are clear but did notice some mucus coming out of the Eustachian tube opening. Ordered a CT scan.

      I went for the CT scan, and afterwards a different ENT saw me. The second ENT said that my Eustachian tube may be blocked and sinuses may be to blame. He gave me Fluticasone spray (Dymista) and gave me Solupred in case things got worse. I used the Fluticasone daily and it did lower a bit, especially when I combined it with a decongestant (Hysan). The ENT told me to come back in a month.

      The 3rd ENT was a different one, older and I think he was the head of the section. He told me that sinuses in no way cause tinnitus, and that my sinuses looked clear and that he could not see any connection. I was like, please explain why when I press on my sinuses the tinnitus increases. He was unable. He told me there was no reason to go back to the hospital.

      I realised I was wasting time with this guy and left.

      Now I'm left feeling very confused. I thought about posting here, so here I am. My symptoms are:
      • Loud ringing around the 16 kHz range as per a frequency generator.
      • Clicking noise when I swallow/yawn
      • Extreme pressure discomfort and increase in tinnitus when I wear in ear insulation headphones and earplugs. Normal wired cheap earphones (for example the stock iPhone headphones) do not hurt me.
      • When I press on the sides of my head or sinuses, tinnitus increases.
      • Pressure in head and behind the ears.
      The only way to quieten it down was found by accident. I was brushing my teeth and was desperate from the noise. My toothbrush is electric, and after finishing brushing my teeth, driven by desperation, I massaged the sides of my head near my ears with my electric toothbrush. The tinnitus quieted down, and always quietens down after I do so. Once it even went away for a few seconds. I am at a loss why this works.

      Also, in case this is helpful, my tinnitus increases when I am working out, such as doing squats or leg presses with heavy weights.

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      Sounds like tinnitus caused from headphones.
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      I'm not sure as I always keep my headphones around 30% and the Sonys I bought were so uncomfortable that I couldn't keep them on for more than an hour at a time. Maybe ANC messed with my ears.

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