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Discussion in 'Support' started by Per, Jan 22, 2014.

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      Just following up on my H assessment here. Did my third LDL-test today, it showed unchanged hypersensitivity on one ear but a slight improvement on the other. It feels the same for me on both ears cause H is all consuming as many of you may know. Also, I think I was a little more brave on one ear (enduring more sound), making it seem like I'm getting better on that ear cause I didn't press the clicker as early, I waited a little longer this time cause I was told in advance to really push the envelope so to speak. I believe that is why the improvement showed up. Anyways, it's not getting worse and thats fine. I guess MY water test is if I'm not feeling hypersensitive at all in my daily life, a 4 min. discomfort test is only a measurement concept. Seems to me thats its more like an audiologist tool than anything else, at least at this moment in time. She said future tests could be more in balance with how I actually feel and I replied that I was evaluating the H as something I needed to feel improvements from in real life and not only on an audiogram. But hey, at least it's not getting way worse, so there is some sort of progress I guess. Still, the environmental sounds "out there" are annoying as hell, I got a reminder when I was at the grocery store after the test and the customer intercom speaker went on full throttle. Jisses, those high frequency feedback noises when those speakers doesn't work as they should are poison!

      I've been wearing my whitenoise generators since mid november now, today I had to turn in one piece that didn't work properly, it was replaced. I want to add that I feel a slight improvement on sounds that I surround myself with at home, the ones that I have to relate to the most. Perhaps it's just a type of H habituation, it's hard to tell really.
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