Progressive Tinnitus Since 1990's

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      My ringing began in the 1990's following a head and back injury. I was diagnosed with bilateral vestibular hypo-function (BVH) IN 2006. Symptoms are dizziness, nausea, disequilibrium. Migraines ringing in ears and uneven hearing loss. The ringing does not stop ever. Any hope for me? Please advise and thanks for your time.
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      For the time being, there's still no treatment for this condition, but that might change in future.

      you should have a look at the treatiment sub forum, some clinical trials are being held at the moment for different compounds.
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      Is your hearing loss connected to BVH? Perhaps if you tried to treat that it would help with tinnitus.
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      When I first had symptom s of T and M they were the same as yours... They were very bad migraines with vertigo and nausea to the point that I would fall flat on my face when I got out of bed to run to the toilet to vomit. I did adjust to that and remember getting into cold showers and jumping in the cold pool in the summer. I'm not sure if this helped or just distracted me in some way. I was about 12 years old at the time so who knows why I did this but I still finish my shower with a shot of cool water. Don't know if it means anything. I didnt have any accident but believe that my T had something to do with a firecracker going off right next to my right ear. I stay away from salt and find that B-complex seems to bring some relief. That means processed food is out... I have gone to fresh food whenever possible. Wine and hot dogs are the worst... definitely make it worse but some things I just can not give up. I just sing to the ring... Good luck
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