Prolonging Residual Inhibition with Eglumegad

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      Read a publication entitled ' 1pAB6 - Long - lasting suppression of spontaneous firing in inferior colliculus neurons: implication to the residual inhibition of tinnitus - A.V. Galayuk'

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      Of significance is the author's comments regarding the research already undertaken on residual inhibition and its ability to help science identify a group of drugs that can alter the suppression response, as well as the 'spontaneous firing of the auditory neurons responsible for tinnitus. These drugs will be further investigated in our future research to develop effective tinnitus treatments.'

      I emailed this researcher.

      This is his response with relation to pharmaceutical developments for tinnitus.

      'The study has just started. We have preliminary results on animals indicating that the drug works to provide tinnitus relief for about two hours. We are planning to test this product on humans, but, even if successful, it will take several years until this drug will be approved by FDA.'

      The name of the drug is 'Eglumegad', which is a group 11 mGluR agonist.
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