Question for Those with Knowledge of Notching, Auditory Distortion, and Hearing Aids

Discussion in 'Support' started by OptimusPrimed, Jan 3, 2015.

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      Acoustic trauma - Repeated gun blasts
      I just downloaded the Tinnitus pro app on my iPhone, and I have trouble finding the frequency for my tinnitus (kettle like when finger in ear; high pitched tone when I yawn). Honestly it could be somewhere between 4k and 8k.

      I did however, find SIGNIFICANT relief from using the notching mechanism!!! It seems that my hearing is distorted around the 2k mark (+-100). When I notch 2k; I can listen to songs clearly!!! It is incredible to be able to listen to music and not have to worry about distorted hearing!

      I am wondering if there are hearing aids that could possibly notch every day sounds? To date I have never tried hearing aids.
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      Frequent viral infection ENT, loud music, BP sugar
      Yes you can try starkey xino

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