Question: My tinnitus goes low when I equalize and hold it

Discussion in 'Support' started by meeruf, Oct 7, 2013.

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      Just found out something interesting. If I equalize and hold it for some seconds. Like really hard equalizing. My ringing goes almost completely away. Can this mean its something mechanic going on in my ear? Maybe when I equalize and make pressure inside my ear. My cochlea or hearing nerve "pops" into correct position or something? Who knows? Some research on that?
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      What do you mean by equalize? By doing the valsalva maneuva?
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      Shit happens
      Still holding ? :)
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      Maybe when there is too much pressure on your ear drums, it changes the way sound enters your ear?

      Do you often feel this pressure on your ear drums? Are they retracted?
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      Interesting. I experience the same thing. I have multiple noises in my ears but the most annoying and loudest beeping+buzzing ringing decreases when I do so.
      I also found that bend down for a while and when I feel my head is full of blood, I feel relief as well.

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