Questions on EGb 761/Tebonin/Ginkgold and Acupuncture

Discussion in 'Support' started by Gerbit, Jun 19, 2017.

    1. Gerbit

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      Ear Infection
      Hi there everyone!

      What experiences do people have with Ginkgold/EGb 761/Tebonin and Acupuncture for tinnitus? Any positive results?
    2. Pleasure_Paulie

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      Noise or maybe... unicorns!
      Egb761 like regular ginko makes my T worse. It returns to normal after discontinuing.

      I've tried acupuncture including having it done in China with a grand master (he was crazy lol) and no benefits :)
    3. jer

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      Acoustic trauma
      I had acupuncture once for tinnitus. My experience was a positive one, but I think that I have to say that you have to be realistic at what to expect. I had about 6-8 sessions of 1 hour acupuncture. They did the acupuncture everywhere, and not just on my ears and face. The results I got where a meaningful decrease in both the pitch and the volume. Enough for me to say it was worth it, because it took the edge of it for me and I was able to habituate. They said the more acute it is, the better results you can expect.

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