Quick Question about Cycling Tinnitus (What Could Cause This?)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Gin, Dec 23, 2015.

    1. Gin

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      So my T changes every once in a while, but for the last month a half it has been cycling. 4 to 5 good days 1 to 2 bad. Which I am blessed. Every other time it comes with plugged ears and hypercausis. However, this last time it was just a loud humming noise accompanied with the dizzy spells. It stops when I talk then starts back up. I realized this last time that if I bend down or even tuck my chin down (lower my neck) it would stop. Also on the days it is silent if I bend down it will start again sometimes. Anybody else have that happen? Anybody? Could it be a pinched nerve in my neck or something? Blood vessel issue? But with the dizzy spells I'm not sure. My dr appointment isn't for a couple more weeks. Just curious?
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      West End show. Came back 2015 vitamin D overdose prescribed
      Firstly mine cycles. One day hiss which grows louder through the day. The next a lot quieter with a very high tone. It's done this for months now.
      Maybe you need the dr to check out the dizzy spells, if maybe you have a pinched never it could be responsible for the T and the dizzy spells.
    3. Natalie Roberts

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      Pregnancy or mild hearing loss.. Who knows.
      Mine cycles too. 1-2 days of lower t volume overall followed by a much louder, much more reactive t day . Sometimes there's an extra day thrown in there but it's all the same. I'm also noticing my environment makes a difference. Louder environments cause louder t and when I'm in relatively quiet and less stressful environments I feel better overall and the t is lower so I believe mine is sound reactive which I'm hoping will get better with time.

      I'm not sure about your symptoms but it does seem odd. Have you tried massage or chiropractic care? Maybe even Accupuncture.
    4. Cheza

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      Barking dogs/stress
      Make notes for your doc of what your T is doing. It would be very helpful for her or him to also know what bodily positions increase or decrease the T, as well as any accompanying symptoms. Make a copy of your notes and hand it to her or him, because sometimes we forget something important once we've got the doc's attention.

      Since you've only had this for about 7 months, it sounds like you're on your way to being one of the lucky people whose T subsides completely, or at least that it may eventually become so mild that you never notice it all.
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      Probably sound, though never proven
      Mine cycles too. T & H Up, down, no obvious trigger. The only things I can think of is the nature of fluid movement through the semi-circular canals.... build up, release, build up and so on, but I don't know what hearing changes that would cause. The other may be chronic stapedial fasciculation which reaches a threshold point of chemical depletion over a day or two then restarts as it replenishes. Theories with no basis in provable fact whatsoever, but all I can think of just the same.

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