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Discussion in 'Support' started by ashley, May 11, 2014.

    1. ashley

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      I love the silence. Just laying in bed with the silence after a long day is absolutely amazing (in my opinion.) I really do miss it so much, since my tinnitus is constant and I rarely if ever have relief from it. My question is this:

      What do you all do when you miss the silence?
      How do you cope with that?

      I think my new life motto is never take silence for granted.
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    2. jchinnis

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      It took a long time, but I came to enjoy silence again. I guess it's a bit like viewing a beautiful sunset through dirty glasses, but it still works.
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    3. Sherri786

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      Yes miss silence a lot , specially during nature walks !
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    4. lapidus

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      If you manage to habitutate, you will actually be able to enjoy silence again. From my own experience, this is possible. Now my situation is different of course with this new H that i got i november. But before, when T was all I had, I had no problem at all being in silence. I didnt notice my T because I was so habituated to it. The T was only there when I tried to activly listen to it. And it could go years between the moments I thought about, and listened to my T.

      You will be fine, just let habituation take it's time :)
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    5. Sean

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      Ashley ..that's the question I ask my self every day !
      My biggest hobby was silence mediation and t took it away from me .i do try to sit in silence with white noise in the background . white noise is some what less annoying so it's not all that bad .
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    6. I who love music

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      I hate to say this... but many days I don't hear my T until I come here. That's OK, I always learn something.
      You asked about coping. I shoved T way out of my mind and my ears, by NEVER measuring the T. I only measure my response to it. You'll see that over and over in my posts. It works for me. My T is loud. Once it drove me almost nuts, but after 40 years of it, it's no more than a hangnail or a little stone in my shoe.
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    7. Sean

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      Thank you for this post . I am so glad even though your T is loud ..it's not bothering you as much .

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