Quite New to Tinnitus and I'm Over It :|

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Azrul, Aug 26, 2014.

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      Hi everyone,

      I'm 20 and my T occurred due to my own doing, by jamming with my band in a very small room and playing rock songs at very very very loud volume. Notice I emphasize "very" a lot. And yes, I didn't wear earplugs because I didn't even know the consequences of it. After the 2 hours continuous session which was last 2 weeks ago, the T started exactly when the session ended.

      For the first 2 days I didn't really worry about it, thinking it would go away by itself. On the 3rd day, I panicked after googled about this tinnitus stuff. My T sounds like a high frequency whistle/cicada and its quite loud for me and its constant 24/7 and I can hear it over my TV and also while driving my car.

      After a week and a half of depressing, suicidal, stressful thoughts knowing its permanent ( I went to the ENT after 5 days and he said my inner ear is damaged and its permanent ), I had an epiphany. I said to myself "How bout I don't give a fuck about it and just accept it", and so I did.

      The last couple of days after that realization, it was back to normal for me. Its still there, but I don't even realize its there UNLESS i think or focus bout it. Heck, I didn't even notice it when im studying in the library right until i was thinking " is the T gone ?" and i hear it back. So its still there, same volume, same noise but I just dont give a fuck about it.

      That's my story and doing great, what's not great is that I have to spend my money on custom-fit musician earplugs, they are expensive :\.

      PS: When i enter this website, I suddenly realize my T again. Maybe its my subconscious saying to not ever think about T. So my advice, don't think about it and just move on and rock on.
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      Got my T same way you did... Difference was i was only jammin for 45 mins.. And left with a loud ringing.. The left one went away within an hour and the right one blasted away for 48 hours until it went away... But i say "went Away" cause now i just have a real faint hiss/tv hum stattic noise that i usually have to plug my ears to hear and some morsecode that it left me with but i havent played an acoustic set since that happened last november... I got an elec one instead to control the volume. The problem is i know too many people that love to "jam" and it sucks cause its fun but i guess id be okay with ear pluggs and muffs not soo loud. I could only imagine what my T would be like if i played for 2 hours that day.... Cause the 45 minutes hurt my ears so baddd and made me almost deaf. 130db is loudddd!!!!!! Just be carefull!!!!! Glad your doin good though!
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      Loud noise
      Pretty much what I did mate. Cried for two weeks and then said fucked it. It's not going anywhere, and neither am I right now. So I'd best get used to it. Since that day I've been OK with it. Yeah it's loud and very anoying at times. But fuckin it.
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