Random Permanent Spikes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lloyd Carter, Sep 30, 2015.

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      August 2015
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      Noise Induced Trauma
      Is anyone else constantly scared this will happen to them? How often does this occur (assuming you do NOT have new noise exposure)? I feel like I've seen it here before and am so nervous about it! I always protect my ears but it's the random permanent spike I'm worried about.
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      Hey @Lloyd Carter

      I hear you and at times I feel the same... But I guess it is about the attitude one has in general in life which matters...
      meaning why worry about something in the future which might or might not happen... People with this type of conditions have to be in the present moment, protecting one's ears and being cautious, but also living the life..

      So I would say no point having that train of thinking... Even though at times I get myself caught in that thought, then I try to come back straight to the present moment and go about my day :)

      Take care !
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