Reactive Pulsatile Drone Worse During Sickness (Fever, Malaise, Runny Nose)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rinz, Jul 7, 2021.

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      Dear all.

      For background. I have a pulsating drone and reactive drone which got worse since April 2021. Since then I have had good days and bad days. What always comforted me is that I have a noise generator (LectroFan EVO) which masked it during the night. So that was my safe spot. Also in my garden I did not hear it that well (in outside air).

      Fast forward to last weekend. My son got fever, then my daughter got fever... Then I and my wife got sick, fever, general malaise, runny nose. Luckily no COVID-19 (did PCR test). Maybe the flu or heavy cold.

      Now I am still recovering from it. My fever (39.5 on Sunday) is going down. But the zoom is now much more present and I noticed I can now hear it even in my 'safe spots'. This really scares me. Now I also often hear a higher frequency zoom (like 'zeeeeeeeeeee') which blocks the pulsating until it stops and the pulsating zoom ('zoomzoomzoom') returns.

      I'm kind of panicking. Will I likely return to baseline once I am fully recovered? Anybody has any experience with this? I only took Paracetamol against the fever.
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      I've had the pulsing drone sound for 13 years. I'm basically habituated to it now but there are times I do still need to put on soft music with deep bass to cancel it out. It gets worse when I'm tired or feeling under the weather as you describe.

      Also the fact it seems worse in some rooms than others is pretty bizarre, which I experience too.
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