Reactive Tinnitus or Hyperacusis

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katya, Mar 25, 2014.

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      My problem at this moment is this.

      Since about 8 days I suddenly developed something 'strange'. I came back from the taï-chi class on saturday and suddenly my right ear started to whistle when I hear (harder) noises, sounds, voices, even my own voice produces whistling in my ear. Flushing the toilet (pardon). Closing a closet, closing a cardoor. Listening to music. It's truly a nightmare. Sometimes I do feel depressed with it... I went to my ENT, he did some investigations. I had an MRI and a CT-Scan in 2013 which was completely clear. He thinks it might be an infection of my inner ear. So he gave me Celestone 1 mg, in the morning, which I take now for 5 days (after three days I might notice a change, which didn't). No change. I must say that before I got the sudden onset of intolerance to sounds, whistling on sounds, my right ear was sometimes feeling full (like swimming under water) and sometimes whistled very hard. I have the Ménière in my left ear (btw). Which is also very annoying is that sometimes it seems that the sounds/whistling comes from the inside of my right ear...

      When the pills don't work I will get myself a hearing device, since my ability to hear is slowly fading away (especially left, 'my sweet Ménière ear') and I would love to have something that masks my sometimes violent tinnitus. It will be a relief...

      My question is this: I am still doubting if it is 'reactive tinnitus' or 'hyperacusis'. If someone can explain me the difference please feel free to do so :). Thanks! My ENT speaks of Hyperacusis, but the whistling on sounds makes me doubt...

      I have some apps on my Iphone which helps me. I have one playing right now while typing this story on the forum. Here they are: Tinnitus therapy lite from Sound Oasis (the best in my opinion, has a paid version as well but untill now I am doing it with the 'lite' version), Tinnitus from Phonak and one to let others hear what you're going through: Tinnitus from Appfanz (onemob).

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      it's certainly TTS, it's neither hyperacousis nor tinnitus, it's simply an over protection commanded by your brain.

      i got this 10 years + before tinnitus, it's not bothersome after a while, you'll see :)
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      I was dx with Meniere's after the sudden onset of vertigo, tinnitus, nystagimus and other symptoms. I also had hyperacusis and I found particular sounds quite painful. It wasn't just uncomfortable it was actually painful. I also had some weird sensations going on but the pressure/fullness was often almost unbearable. I don't feel that going by the whistling sound you have hyperacusis but that is just my opinion as everything about T and H is subjective. Of interest is that Neuromonics told me they couldn't help me because my tinnitus was caused by Meniere's. I used an mp3 player and listened to nature sounds and some music tracks to take the edge off my T. I tried the usual meds: serc, stemitel but lowering my salt intake seemed to be the best option.
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